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Podcasting is better than it sounds!

My journey to become an embroidery tutor is a great learning experience - something new all the time. Doing a podcast interview is my latest first.  Do you think you dislike your own voice?  When Sue Weeks the publisher of Stitchery Stories asked me to appear I was nervous about what to say and what I'd sound like but Sue was great.  I really enjoyed doing the interview and hopefully you may enjoy listening to it. I'm not sure I should have told her the story of why I was banned from Art class at school for commenting on the teachers wig, but I did enjoy chatting about the benefits of embroidery and having a bit of a laugh about what life throws your way. Sue was really professional in the way she organised things; everything was straightforward but a little bit of preparation and thinking about how to not be boring helped.  All I really needed to do was arrange for the dogs to be elsewhere and settle down for a nice chat...  

There are lots of interesting stories on Sue's Podcast which covers a whole range of embroidery and textile subjects, she gets lots of five star reviews and it is something great to listen too while doing your own work.  Do look it up at the link below.

Stitchery Stories: https://www.stitcherystories.c...

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Podcasting is better than it sounds! Podcasting is better than it sounds!