Sara-Jane is a breath of fresh air taking traditional techniques and adding her own unique twist with designs for kits that have you looking twice astounded at her unique creative approach. Her relaxed teaching style instantly makes students feel relaxed and her passion for hand embroidery is evident in all she does.

Education Administrator Royal School of Needlework

Noleen Wyatt-Jones

I just cannot believe this is done by a human hand. It is almost mystical. Why is this not valued as much as a Van Gogh painting?

Farfield Exhibition


I enjoyed all the variety of wonderful pieces

Beautiful work, beautiful designs

Inspirational work, beautiful! As a beginner embroiderer it has inspired me to try silk shading and tapestry shading as such beautiful results. I hope to take a course or workshop with you soon so will keep an eye out for dates.

I absolutely loved this class Sara! Your instruction was excellent and the kit is beautiful. I have attempted this technique before, but you really made it click for me. Many thanks, I hope I will be able to take another class from you again soon. Mary USA

Student on Silk Shading Viola Course at Hampton Court

Mary Robinson Cohen