About White Work

A tradition in many countries, whitework is an umbrella term for white embroidery on white fabric. It comprises of both freestyle and counted work , for example broderie anglaise, mountmellick, hardanger and Richelieu. The stitching should be neat and smooth, requiring fine needlework skills, so historically it has been professionally produced.  However, towards the mid-nineteenth century it became a fashionable pastime for middle-class Europeans and Americans.

Many forms include open spaces created by cutting, drawing or pulling treads, so is often associated with delicate lacy patterns. Whitework is commonly used for ecclesiastical linens, christening gowns and trimmings.

About White Work About White Work

White Work Class

You will learn the essentials of whitework to create a pair of birds sitting on a lavender bag. Working on linen, before stitching we will experiment with the different methods of marking out patterns then move on to pulled work, trailing and various surface stitches. Find out the best way to clean your whitework.