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Embroidery Pin Guide

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Most will think any pin will suffice, but embroiderers know there is a big difference between pins! Make sure you know your dressmaker's pins from your hat pins with my handy guide to complement the needle guide.

On Parade

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Repairing the Ceremonial Shabraque for the Parachute Regiment mascot - Neddy the pony - found me 'Ready for Anything'!


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Ever wondered which is the best pair of scissors for the job? Expert and beginner embroiderers alike can find it difficult to find the correct tool to cut goldwork thread, the right shears for slicing fabric or even the best pair to get a clean cut on your thread. Take a look to find out more.

What Needle to Use and When!

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Picking the correct needle for the job can be confusing however, once you've found the right one it can make your embroidery easier and improve the quality of your work!